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When the Universe Was an Island

Exploring the Cultural and Spiritual Cosmos of Ancient Rapa Nui


Photo by © Jim C. Richardson

A book by Edmundo Edwards and Alexandra Edwards

About the Book

The hundreds of monolithic statues crafted by the Rapanui are an extraordinary example of human ingenuity, and several theories have been postulated regarding the origins and evolution of this remarkable culture. Edmundo and Alexandra Edwards have spent a lifetime living and carrying out scientific research on Rapa Nui, and in this volume they comprehensively survey the ethnography, mythology, and archaeology of Rapa Nui from the origins of the Rapanui people all the way to the fall of the Bird-man Cult at the end of the XIX century. Complemented by 117 illustrations, the authors bring to life the history of enigmatic Rapa Nui, providing fresh updated answers to some of the most persistent questions, all the while reminding us that the truth is a hundred times more fascinating than the false shroud of mystery and speculation that usually accompanies this subject.




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Price: $89.99 USD
















Preview available. Download the first pages by clicking here.

Soft cover: 536 pages


Illustrations:  117 in  b/w


Language: Englisk (UK)


ISBN: 978-956-353-131-2


Size: 23 x 17 x 4 cm


Weight: ~1.4 kg

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