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When the Universe Was an Island

Exploring the Cultural and Spiritual Cosmos of Ancient Rapa Nui

Photo by Alexandra Edwards

A book by Edmundo Edwards and Alexandra Edwards



Below is a list of useful links with information about Rapa Nui and Polynesia.



1. The Rapanui Planetarium & Observatory - News about our current projects, articles and documents to to download, and lots more...


2. The Pitcairn Archaeological Project - Our next expedition and links to our previous ones!


3. The Rapanui Planetarium & Observatory on Youtube - Watch our latest videos!


4. The Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum


5. The National Library of New Zealand


6. The National Library of Australia


7. The Journal of the Polynesian Society


8. Australian National University Pacific Manuscripts Bureau


9. National Anthropological Archives


10. The Royal Geographic Society

11. The Explorers Club


Price: $89.99 USD
















Preview available. Download the first pages by clicking here.

Book Details

Soft cover: 536 pages


Illustrations:  117 in  b/w


Language: Englisk (UK)


ISBN: 978-956-353-131-2


Size: 23 x 17 x 4 cm


Weight: ~1.4 kg

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